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All the ideas, resources, and plans you need to get started on your entrepreneurial journey.
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Business Ideas

Get exciting new business ideas based on trends in the startup world. You get new ideas every week, with a plan on how to turn them into businesses.
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100+ Interviews

Access to interviews with experienced entrepreneurs on how they built their successful businesses. Lessons, roadmaps, ideas and more.
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Apply to join an exclusive community of founders who share resources, tips and content regularly. Helping you make connections that make a difference.
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Get super in-depth guides on the most important topics around startups. These are extensively researched and constantly updated resources that every business owner should use.
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200+ Growth Tools

We have accumulated and categorized a massive database of growth tools that you can use and copy for your business. They are based on our own, and other business's successes.
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Startup Story

Ever wondered how companies get built? Startup Story is a segment that takes you through the process in real time. You watch and take part in a company being built from the ground-up.

Must-Read Tutorials

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Business Ideas

The Best Big Business Ideas in South Africa [In 2022]

January 27, 2022
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Why Startups Fail

June 27, 2021
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How to Start a Coffee Shop: A Step by Step Guide

June 23, 2021
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How Do I...

Find the right business idea?

Business ideas are where your entrepreneurial journey starts. Finding the right idea is key. Learn how to instantly spot opportunities and trends that are shaping the businesses of the future. Become an idea machine!
Get Business Ideas

Start a business?

Starting a business can seem like a pipedream for most people. It's such a daunting challenge when you don't know where to start. Start here. I'll walk you through the first steps to getting started on your own business.
How to Start a Business

Find ideas that I know will work?

Not all business ideas are made equal. This is the ultimate guide to validating business ideas. This will mean no wasted time and money on ideas that will never work.
Business Idea Validation

Start an eCommerce business?

Looking to start an eCommerce business? You're already off to a great start. eCommerce is set to grow at 16% annually for the next 5 years.
Get the eCommerce Playbook

Get funding for a startup?

Your step by step guide from pitch deck to elevator pitch. Learn everything you need to know to get the angel investment from people who have successfully done it before.
Get the Startup Funding Playbook

Build a business from home?

An internet-connected world means starting an at-home business is more achievable than ever. Check out how to start your own online business with almost no capital investment.
Find an at-Home Business Idea
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